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Sunday, August 12, 2007

The 2007 Herd Cart Presentation

A Very Special August 6th, 2007
by Brooks

The 2007 Trojan Football season officially opened Monday, August 6, 2007, at Howard Jones field. The weather couldn’t have been better and many of us feel that it was appropriate for what this edition of Trojan Football promises its faithful fans, many of whom were on hand to watch a team which is in midseason shape.

The opening of the season was particularly enjoyed by many members of the Thundering Herd who were on hand to participate in delivering a beautiful electric cart to Coach Carroll and his football program. Practice started at 5:30 and ended at 7:30. Shorty had delivered the cart, carrying the Thundering Herd Logo to Heritage Hall earlier and as the practice ended, it was driven to the field with no other than the Notre Dame killer, number 28, Anthony Davis as the passenger. Coach Carroll was obviously pleased with the quality of the practice and with the cart. He made a moving acceptance and gave a speech of thanks and gratitude to the Herd. I wish the entire Herd could have been there to witness it. Trust me Herders, Coach Carroll knows and appreciates the Herd...and not just because of the cart. There is no guile in this man.

After the cart was presented, Pete said to the Herd, “Let me say this, you guys from the very beginning, and I’ve probably said this before, but you Herd guys have always been there, and you guys are the real deal…and I’ll never forget what it felt like to have you guys doing what you were doing at a time when we weren’t a whole lot to care about. You’ve stayed so consistent over the time, you guys have brought so much love and so much fun to us just because you love your Trojans, love your team, love your school. Awesome. It really is great. I know who you are. I love that you’ve been here for us, you continue to jump up and do stuff, you guys are always welcome, always welcome to be a part of this, you guys deserve it, earn it, and we love to have you around. Thanks for coming out.”

This may seem maudlin, but from a personal point of view, it was special. I’ve been a rabid fan since 1939 and I have never felt so much a part of Trojan Football. And on game day, when we greet the team and intimidate the opponents, we are a part of it.

Another Cart Story
by Shorty

Earlier in the day I saw the new 2007 Thundering Herd Cart for the first time.

We'd stashed it across Figueroa from campus in a parking lot used by SC Purchasing. The head of purchasing walked me out to it and gave me the keys. 3 hours later, Mojack, Eden and I walked over to get the cart and IT WAS GONE…!!!

We searched the first floor, then the second floor. Half an hour later I remembered it was on the third floor. WHEW! We started it and took turns driving it around campus. We stopped in front of a building and went in for wet towels to wipe the cart clean of the dust that had accumulated the 3 days it sat in the parking garage.

We met up with Brooks and GAB at Tommy Trojan then drove the cart to the parking lot where Brooks had 2 Herd hats. We then drove the cart to HH. Slu's assistant Jared came down and we gave him the keys and arranged for Jared to drive Anthony Davis into the practice just as practice ended. It all went as planned including AD presenting Pete with an autographed copy of the official '73 Rose Bowl poster which featured A Griffin from OSU and AD.
Pete broke into the biggest grin and was genuinely amazed at the poster and gesture. The poster is truly a collectors item.

I'll always cherish mine. I may even give Natl Champs his someday. After Pete gave a rousing endorsement to the Herd, Slu took the cart for a ride. He just kept saying "Great Ride, great job Herd." "This will be invaluable with recruiting."

Many thanks to all who participate in whatever way you could. There is NO selfishness in the Herd.

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