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Saturday, August 11, 2007

Special Opportunity for the Herd

A Very Special Trojan Walk
by Shorty

As we've done the last 3 years, the Herd has again been invited to follow the players through the Trojan Walk at this year's summer scrimmage. The full scrimmage/game will be Wednesday night the 22nd of August @ 7pm. But, this year's Walk will be special. Adding to this year's walk is the incredible chance to share the walk and the night with some very sick children.

We are coordinating with a couple of parents about bringing as many as 75 kids and their parentscare givers to the game from the Children's Hospital of Los Angeles (CHLA). SC will save a section in the stands for the Herd and the Kids. The Herd is working with the SC Bookstore through Angelica Logan to provide the kids with Pom Poms and Megaphones at the bookstore's cost. The Herd is also working with a couple of other groups also to provide the kids with more goodies. These are all kids from CHLA's Cancer Ward. Some are residing at the hospital and some are out patients like Jakie DeLong who's story has been chronicled here many times. (

As a side note: The SC football team goes to CHLA every year to meet the kids and offer encouagement etc. That annual trip will be Tuesday the 4th of Sept. How exciting for these kids to see the players in action on the 22nd then meet them in person on the 4th.

I can't think of a better Win/Win story than that.

We need one small thing from the Herd: Email me ( no later than Thursday the 16th with the names of those Herders who want to participate in the Walk. Those participating must be willing to meet & greet these great kids. Let's make these folks life long Trojan fans.

Fight On, The Herd

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