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Sunday, August 26, 2007

The Herd Walks with Children's Hospital of Los Angeles Kids

3 Perspectives on The Trojan/Herd Walk, August 22, 2007

Shorty Clarke writes:

You know those times when you're called to the Principals Office and you're not sure if it's because you did something really good or really bad? (photo right: The CHLA Kids before the Trojan/Herd Walk) That's how I felt when I got an email from the SC Football Office. WHEW! It was an invite for the Herd do the Trojan Walk with the USC Football Team at the night scrimmage on the 22nd of August.

Because it was a free game and because we'd all had such a close connection with Jakie DeLong, I asked HH if some of the CHLA (Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles) kids could walk with us.
Dennis Slutak, Dir of Football Operations and Craig Kelly, Asst. Ath. Dir/Marketing both fully embraced the idea. Craig set the wheels in motion. He met the Herd with arm bands at 5:15 and allowed the Herd to be on the field throughout warmups.

The CHLA kids were especially excited when
Pete came over to meet and greet them and sign autographs. Angelica Logan through her position at the SC Bookstore, was able to provide hats, pom poms, snacks etc. It was quite a night and as always, it was very special to be a Trojan. Many thanks to Slu, Craig and Pete as well as Brooks, Angelica and GAB for all they did that night.

Brooks Wilson writes:

We met the team at the parking lot and after a couple of spellouts led by Blood and Lawrence we followed the team as they took their customary pre-game walk through the Peristyle, down the steps onto the field where they grouped up and heard a brief message from Coach Carroll and then up the tunnel into the locker rooms. Craig let us stay on the field during the warm-ups and right up to the kickoff.

A great opportunity for pictures. Valley was in 7th heaven.
Oh, the game. The team absolutely looks awesome. It's hard to believe they haven't played a game yet. Folks, we have ourselves the best coach in the country. After the game, the players hung around on the field for a long time talking to the fans and giving out autographs.

But the best part of the evening was seeing the little kids from Children's Hospital of Los Angeles who are battling cancer have a break from the fight. Jakie is the only one I knew and he was having a great time. Thanks to the greatest Athletic Department of the greatest university in the world for making this happen. Fight On!

Angelica Logan writes:

Dear Shorty:

I wanted to thanks The Thundering Herd again for making this all happen for Jacob and his friends and family, and the Kids from the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles.

I never got the chance to meet the distinguished gentleman with the worried look on his face (Brooks). I did however have a few Herdmembers come up to me and ask me how I liked the roses that everyone sent me. Again thank you for the roses, once they started to die I hung them upside-down for them to dry. I still have them. (photo right: Jakie on the field for warm-ups)

Thank you again for making me feel like one of the family and inviting my family to join the Herd on the Trojan Walk. I had the pleasure of meeting Amy T. and her twins and look forward to seeing them again at some volleyball game as well as the football games and basketball games.

Thank you Thank You THANK YOU. I look forward to meeting every one soon I'll make sure to have my camera so we can take lots of pictures at the first Game.


Angelica Logan (Angie)
CSR Trojan Bookstore
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