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Thursday, February 8, 2007

Missing Herder Update #3 or #4 (cont.)

Yucca and Taylor Hicks part deux.

I received an anonymous email today (okay, stop twisting my arm, it was from Little Groper). She wrote, "Last year, Big Yucca and I met up in Hollywood to try to buy American Idol tickets from scalpers. We dropped a few hundred bucks each and got in. Luckily, Yucca noticed a friend of his who worked in the TV crew, and the guy got us back stage. Please don't tell Yucca I forwarded this photo to you but when you wrote about his infatuation with Taylor Hicks, I just had to break down and send you the picture we took with him last year. We'll probably never see Yucca again anyway, so we can all share in his excitement with the American Idol phenomenon. Fight On, L.G."


ValleyTrojan said...

Gotta love the way the photo of Yucca is a mirror!! Look closely at the USC on his sweatshirt!!

Really good fark though!

LittleGroper said...

Manufacturer error. It's his backup USC sweatshirt.