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Monday, January 29, 2007

USC Hockey Recruits for the Herd

All Trojan Fans need to come out and join the Herd.

This is an email from Coach Wilbur's father going out to all USC Hockey boosters:

From Jim Wilbur:

I know you are a USC hockey booster. You may even be a USC football fan. Here's the deal; The USC Thundering Herd is a group of USC super fans who come together to have a good time and agitate the visiting teams at a variety of contests - though football is their main one. The Herd
annually come to a hockey game and swell our ranks. They are a lot of fun.

If you want to join the Herd - They are a great Trojan fan group to hang out with - and there are no dues to come up with - just keep up to date with their activities a at and participate to the best of your abilities.

CHECK IT OUT and send your email address to .

HOCKEY BUSINESS: Our home games are done for the season. We go to San Jose State this weekend and then get ready for the PAC 8 Championship Tournament 2/9-10 at Toyota Center in Torrance. As soon as I know our game times I'll send it. Thanks for a great season - You're the best - Jim

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