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Monday, January 29, 2007

Herd Book Review: The Vanishing Fan

The Vanishing Fan: The Disappearance of Yucca, and the Herd He Left Behind

The neo-classic biography of a legendary mystery by SCNut.

January 29, 2007
Reviewer:Scott Wolfstein
(West Hollywood, CA)

Big Yucca is arguably the most famous missing person in the history of the infamous Thundering Herd of USC. (photo right: one of the many Yucca detractors) Since he disappeared from outside the Rose Bowl stadium in Pasadena on the night of January 1, 2007, coincidentally the same night as John David Booty's coming out party, Yucca's name has become synonymous with the missing. In this book by former Daily News ballet correspondent Scott Wolfstein, the Yucca mystery and the Herd of that era are brought vividly to life. A not-so-handsome and not very much a ladies' man, a fashion disaster, a moderately successful Churro cart owner, and recently appointed Herd blog correspondent for the Spanish community, a seemingly happily married man, and a puppet theater enthusiast, Yucca was also undoubtedly disliked, and rumors abounded that he was dealing in stolen Churros. (photo left: Yucca's last known picture) Bribes, graft, and payoffs were commonplace in the Churro-stand world of Echo Park where Yucca bought his supplies as detailed at length in these pages. Although he was a well-known Herder and a lesser-known Cuban origami artist, his real claim to fame came as a result of his complete and utter disappearance at another USC Rose Bowl victory. A case which to this day, some 28 days later, remains unsolved. Because of his shady Churro dealings, plagarized origami art and other nefarious Cuban connections, the theories advanced over the days would require another much larger book all on their own. Did he run away with Juan Carlo Patroni, the USC towel boy he'd been seen with earlier? (photo right: Yucca's friends, still searching for him) Was he murdered by Churro mobsters? Did he join a monastery as per Father Mike's suggestion? These are only a few of the possible answers and part of the fun and intrigue is that the reader is left to guess for themselves. Where could Yucca be? Buy The Vanishing Fan at for $3.99 and see for yourself.

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