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Friday, January 12, 2007

A Herd Thanks to CardinalBlood

Trojan Spirit
by Mojack

The definition of selfless is: having no regard to self; unselfish. CardinalBlood of the Herd has been one of our connections to the Mario Danelo tragedy. He has been on Point Fermin at the Memorial site on a daily basis, some days numerous times, to comfort friends and family, to keep the candles burning, to deliver flowers and other tributes. CB didn’t do it for accolades or pats on the back, he did it because it was the right thing to do. He did it because he’s a good Trojan looking out for other Trojan families in a time of sorrow and grief. And I don’t want to qualify CB as just a good Trojan, which he is, but the bottom line is that Blood is a very good human being, a good person with a big heart. He cares about people, and we in the Herd have to be proud that he is one of us, someone who would take their own time, and keep a candle burning to let people know that Mario is mourned and deeply missed.

I want to share an email that Brooks and I received today from Cardinal Blood:

CB writes:

I got off work tonight at 11:30 pm and I went down to the Memorial because I was unable to get there this afternoon. I wanted to make sure that the candles burn through the night. It is getting a little windy down there and this being the eve of Mario being laid to rest I wanted to make sure all was okay. So I am sitting there lighting the candles. and I feel an arm on my shoulder and the voice says, “thank you for doing this.” I look over and it's Tom Malone! Tom Malone then said, “You and the Herd are the greatest and we love you!”

It was all I could do to hold back the tears. Tom was very emotional and said he flew all the way in from New England to be here for the viewing and the funeral.

It's been difficult for me these last few days because every time I go down to Point Fermin there are so many people there with so much emotion, and it is so very sad. At the same time it has been a great experience to just be of service to the family. I am simply doing it because I wanted so badly to do something. I have learned that you get back so much more in life when you are of loving service.

See you soon


And we in the Herd want to say thank you for your service CB. We all felt a big part of the tribute down there because you kept us updated, and your presence and your service represented the Herd and all Trojans well. Fight On, CB.


Erik said...

Thanks for everything, CardinalBlood. It's people like you who make me proud to be a Trojan. Fight On.

Lisa said...

Thanks CB. Just reading your email welled up my eyes. I just keep thinking of how young Mario was. 21 is just way too young to go. Rest in peace Mario and we love you.