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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

How Your Herd Has Helped Me by Always Fighting On

Years ago I posted here once or twice, but I've read this Herd board every day for ten-plus years.  I know Brooks, Mojack, Yucca, Skod, Brujan, etc., almost as well as if I'd actually met you; and strangely enough, I love you all, even as I know you love one another.  I laugh--and cry--with you.  I'm an alum, recently retired, and I live too far away to make attending the games practical--but if I lived closer, I'd want to join the Herd.  (Although I'm not so crazy that I stand while watching the games on TV.)

I notice you're reassessing the Herd just now, and I recognize the very substantial hurdles that seem to prevent a full rejuvenation of it.  Isn't that a metaphor for the football team's situation?

Anyway, it seems like it might be helpful now for you to know that you've had an impact for good, with me, of which you're unaware.  I just want you to know that I appreciate, as an interested outsider, your many distinct contributions to this aspect of our fine university, even if some associated with it seem not to.  As a mere online lurker, I've felt a connection to USC through your Herd that has kept me interested and involved, even at this distance.  I thank you.

Keep Fighting On!

SC PowderHound responded to this post by stating:

I'd like to second Always' post

I have read the Herd board for quite some time, and have been a member of Ryan's site since before PC's hiring.  I have little kids so only attend a few games a year right now.  But during the Kiffin period, the humor and sarcasm on this board was a welcome salve to the pain inflicted by Kiffin's "piloting" of our beloved football program, and the vitriol flying about on other boards.  Even though I haven't met any of you in person, the banter on this board made even the Kiffin years bearable.  Thanks to all of you guys!  I hope the Herd continues and survives long enough to go through many ebbs and flows.

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