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Friday, August 3, 2012

Nov. 26, 2011: The Best Day to Be a HERD Member

For the Trojan football team, UCLA was the last “opponent” that they would face of the year. USC was extremely pumped, not only because it was the last game of the year or senior day, they were playing their biggest rivals for the Battle for L.A. When I walked through the tunnel and down the stairs to Section 11, I already had a feeling you only get when you play the bRUINS. I knew it was going to be a great game for the Trojans the moment that Tommy Trojan pierced the ground with his sword at the 50-yard line. The Herd got piercing loud as all of the Seniors came running out the tunnel while their names were being called. After that, the blowout had begun.

USC started scoring left and right doing great on offense and defense while making UCLA look like a YMCA flag-football team. The Coliseum was going crazy, they were as loud as the Herd; I don’t know if they were that LOUD though. Suddenly, the game had come to an end and USC won 50-0; yeah that’s right, 50 - 0. The stadium then erupted as if they all had just won the lottery, TWICE. The whole Herd was more than excited because the season had come to be a great season, a season that would change the course of Trojan football forever.

The reasons this is the best game I have ever attended in USC history are: 1) They had beaten UCLA 50-0, 2) Oh yeah, did I say we beat the UCLA bRUINS 50-0!!!! 3) It was one of USC’s best games they have ever played since I have been a Trojan, 4) I enjoyed the game in the best Section in the stadium, THE HERD!!!!

Troy Gugs

Age 13 and HERDER for Life

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Brooks said...

Great post, Troy!