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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Herd Blog lives again.

In fact, it never actually died.  It just got so fat and happy with success in the "tens" that it went to sleep.  We now have a new era!  A new coach and a new challenge.  We have been raped by the NCAA.  Our success in the "tens" was too much for Southeaster part of the country to handle. But that's OK,  the spirit of the Thundering Herd and the great eras since is still alive.

View from the Herd - best fans and best seats in the Gray Lady!


Anonymous said...

It's a disgrace to Trojan football fans that you guys have a quote from Chris Polk about becoming a Trojan and he's been a Washington Husky for the past 3 or 4 years.

Brooks said...

Your logic escapes me.

G. Friday said...

Hey Brooks!

Glad to see the Herd still going strong. I won't be able to make a game 'till next year vs. Syracuse at the Meadowlands, but since we had a great time way back in 2000 against Penn State, there's no reason it can't happen again!

John Huston (G. Friday from the TFO days)