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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

A Herd and TCSD Tribute to Ray Weber

Ray Weber is the outgoing President of the Trojan Club of San Diego (TCSD). Four years ago, he was asked to serve the then thirty year old TCSD, for two years. This month he gave his fond farewells as President as he hosted the San Diego version of the Coaches Tour Dinner with Tim Floyd and Pete Carroll. During the night, Ray thanked my Board of Directors for their superb year round service to SD Trojans, and then he highlighted the many, many contributions of his dear friend, Don Clausen, who passed away one month ago. Ray also introduced the Trojan Club of San Diego’s new incoming President, Cornado's Dan Orr (Fourthseed on WeAreSC). Dan is from a great Trojan family. Ray was presented with a plaque for the Marv Goux Award which signifies, “service to the TCSD from a Board member. Usually the President does not receive the award, so Ray was so very honored and felt every appreciated for his years of service to Troy!

Ray stated that he will stay on the Board and continue to help USC Athletics. He reiterated that the Trojan Club of San Diego tries hard here to do great things, and that USC football is in fine hands, and wow, here comes USC basketball especially with The Galen Center. Ray said, “Enjoy the ride and stay involved and lets all do our part to support and protect that USC legacy!” Finally, Ray summed the evening up by closing with, “Good night from San Diego, where we did our volunteer best, everyone, and thanks for listening! Fight On!”

The Herd wanted to thank Ray Weber for his four (4) years of exceptional service to the Trojan Club of San Diego, so we asked a few Herdmembers and TCSD members to give a little shout out to Ray, and acknowledge his efforts.

This is a testimonial from Ray’s Trojan Family:

From incoming TCSD President Dan Orr (Fourthseed):

I've been attending Trojan Club of San Diego events almost since I moved to Coronado from Corona del Mar in 1980. I consider myself an active member and active Trojan fan. But, my passion and participation pales in comparison to Ray Weber's.

It has been my pleasure to serve on the board of the TCSD for a number of years including all of Ray's tenure as president. I cannot speak highly enough of Ray's leadership. He presided during a time of incredible change
; the re-ascendancy of Trojan football, the rise of the internet, and a new, and not easy, relationship with the Athletic Department.

He met these challenges with intelligence and grace all the while moving the Club forward while striving to honor the past contributions of the Club and it's members.

Communication with the San Diego Trojan Family has never been better, attendance at our events consistently sets records, and therefore, we have been able to spend tens of thousands of dollars annually to USC in support of our beloved teams. And, NO team visits San Diego without having Ray in the stands cheering them on.

I will be the new president of the TC
SD and I am beyond grateful for Ray's continued presence on our board, his participation, and his counsel.

Fight On! Ray!

From Bob Halligan ('72 MBA):

Ray Weber is just a great president and organizational leader. His enthusiasm and dedication are endless. This guy pees cardinal and gold! He'll be tough to replace.

ShortyfromtheHerd wrote:

How deservedly proud you must be Ray. I know the Herd is damn proud of you and your tireless efforts on behalf of all things SC. Ray, you’re always a perfect gentleman, a great ambassador for USC and an all around good guy. Fight On, Ray.

From Rick Barrett:

As the founder of the Trojan Club of San Diego in 1974, and as a past president, I would like to pay tribute to Ray Weber. He is and was the best president this club has ever had. He is a hard charging Trojan and a credit to our fine university. It has been a pleasure serving on his board of directors.

All good wishes, Ray. "Fight On",

Brooks Wilson wrote:

Congratulations to Ray for a great four years as SDTC President. Thanks for the courtesy and recognition you always extended to the Herd at your events. You will be missed as President but you are still on the board and still in the Herd.

Ray is a true-blue Trojan and a true-blue Herder. Like mpron, Ray is always supporting Trojan sports other than football. I have driven to San Diego for his luncheons at least four times and if there are two Herders present, there is a Herd table and it is up front. One time, Grover and I were the only two and we sat at the table with the MC and the speaker. Once, he had us lead a spell out at the end of the luncheon. He always acknowledges us at his meetings. Thanks, Ray!

Bill Elliott wrote:

Ray was my first President in the club,I just joined last year, and he has set the bar high for future Presidents. He was at every event I have been to and I am sure more than that. We are lucky to have such a Trojan fan in our club. He has inspired me to get more active. Way to go Ray.

From Altadena Trojan:

Thanks for your service to SD Trojans. The remarkable tributes to Mr. Clausen truly define what the Trojan Family is about. Fight On Ray Weber!!

Brad M. wrote:

"Ray, You exhibit more Trojan Spirit than Tommy himself!! Great job and many thanks for all your blood, sweat and cheers!"

From Mike Abell, Class of 76':

Ray, thanks so much for your leadership the past four years. Your Presidency and a couple of National Championships have helped grow the TCSD to the heights it is enjoying today. It does not seem that long ago we had 60 people for the coaches dinner at the Hanalei Hotel.

My favorite memory of you was running into you back in Washington DC, as well as the great catch you made when Coach Pete lobbed you a football last year. Take care buddy.

Tom Schiff in San Diego wrote:

I will add this - Being a rook this past year wrt the USC SD Chapter, I can say I attended my first Chapter event at the Del Mar races a year ago in July? - and I could not believe how nice/accepting the whole group was, and how much Ray and Carol made a special effort to make me feel welcome.

Each luncheon, event, etc, thereafter, they all made me feel even more welcome. And Ray was tireless in his letting all of us know about upcoming events, and promptly answering email questions.

I am not a USC grad, but grew up in Oregon in the 50's, and always rooted for the PAC 6 in the Rose Bowl, and most of the time that was USC. While I was an AFA Cadet on summer leave, I had the privilege of meeting Mike Garrett in the summer of 65 (or was it 66?) - at the Balboa Bay Club, and he was very nice.

I always loved John McKay's quips (OJ can carry the ball 25+ times, it's not heavy, or - he's not in a union) and in high school in 62-64, I wore All American Hal Bedsole's number (84 was it?) - at my tight end position.

Nuff of my memory lane - Ray and Carol have been simply - OUTSTANDING. He/they have raised the bar very high for the spirit level of the SD Chapter. They are "THE BOMB" - to quote from A River Runs Through It. (If I remember that right - maybe it's another catchy phrase. Tempus Fuget and all that).

Anyhow, glad The Herd is doing something for a loyal supporter, and I have greatly enjoyed standing among you all at several games.

From Jayne and Hank Slade:

For your inspiration and enthusiasm we cannot thank you enough. For your sincere caring and attention to all who appear at any of the Trojan Club functions we say thanks for making us all feel so at home in your midst. Your spirit is infectious and welcome in all of our lives.

Shelly Palmer wrote:

I just wanted to give a special thanks to Ray Weber for a terrific job as President of the SD Trojan Club. He served for 4 years which is way above and beyond the call. Ray never was too busy to lend a helping hand to those in need or listen to someone's concerns. We had great programs during his tenure and he did much to increase the fame of Troy in San Diego.

He is a great Trojan and I wish him the very best.

P.S. Also a big thanks to The Herd - you energized our fan base on our rise back to glory with Pete. I have read comments on the old Herd board and loved the banter between Shorty, Mojack and others.

And mpron summed it all up:

Ray. congratulations on your being selected for the Marv Goux Award..It is a huge
honor and it couldn't have gone to a more dedicated Trojan. Note I said Trojan and not Trojan fan as even though you are not an alum of USC, there could not be anyone out there that does embody the Trojan spirit than you do. It is my honor and pleasure to root for our teams, football, baseball, basketball hell even women's water polo alongside you.

Thank you for your years of service as the president of the San Diego Trojan club. As you had some mighty big shoes to fill having had the likes of Don to follow, Dan will also have some huge shoes to fill himself. I am sure along with your guidance, he will do a fine job.

Fight on to a true Trojan. Fight on Ray!!

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"Nobody Does It Better"!!!...even James Bond...Thank you for your amazing time, talent and treasure!
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