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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Trojan Heart and Spirit, part #2

Another Update on Jacob DeLong and Angelica Logan

For those new to this story, a quick update:
Angelica Logan works in the USC Bookstore, and a month ago, she helped 7 year-old Jacob DeLong, a little Trojan fan valiantly fighting Leukemia, have “the best day in his life” as he was introduced to the Trojan players and Pete Carroll.

On Tuesday, March 20, 2007, Jacob and his family attended the first day of Spring Practice. Angelica wrote the Herd this email in regards to Jacob's visit:

From Angelica:

When I saw Jacob, I couldn't believe it was him, the last time I had seen him he had no hair. Jacob and the DeLong family will be here again next week with me, and we were asked to join Coach Pete at practice again. All of this could not have happened without Susie Congetta and Jason Pappas at the SAAS. I will get you the picture of Jacob and myself with our new Thundering Herd hats next week. Due to the rain on Tuesday, I had a bad hair day. Hopefully it won't rain next week. Thanks again to everyone, you guys are great!!

Angelica Logan CSR
Trojan Bookstore, Course Materials

(photo right: Jacob and Rebecca, Angie's daughter)

The Herd emailed Angelica back, thanking her for the pictures of Jacob's day, and asking her for some commentary about Jacob's first USC football practice and Jacob's reaction to the players, Pete and the overall practice. This is Angelica's second email to us:

From Angelica:

That day was just the best. Before anyone was on the field, I walked Jacob and his mom and their friend Mona to see where we would be to day. Jacob ran from one side of the field to the other. His mom Lisa said to me that she has not seen him use his legs like that in a long time. He was so UP BEAT, full of energy playing with my daughter Rebecca, who is his age. I found out that they are a week apart, Jacob born on Oct. 13th, 1999 and my daughter Rebecca born Oct. 4th, 1999. Those two did not stop.

Jacob did meet with Coach again or as Jacob would call him, Pete. Jacob was so funny Coach told him that when he was up to it let him know so he could put him in. I had a helmet for the guys to sign and Jacob would put it on to see if Coach Pete would see him but the helmet would get heavy so he would take it off. During practice Jacob would be yelling from the side lines "HEY PETE" and wave to him, and Coach Pete in the middle of practice would say "Hi" and wave back. Also, during practice Coach ran to the side lines to see if Jacob was having fun.

Jacob took pictures with Mark Sanchez. He's my favorite. But to see Sanchez take the time to say Hi and take pictures with Jacob and the rest of us is priceless. Jacob also got to meet JD Booty and took pictures with him. We were invited back next week and Jacob is already excited and can't wait. Next week Jacob's dad will be here along with the rest of his family. We plan to meet early so we can go eat at Galen. I cant wait for Jacob to see all the athletes coming in to Galen to eat lunch. I want to see his expression on his little face. My daughter loves USC and the football players. She told Coach Pete that she was going to be the first girl to play on his team, and he told her that there is no reason why she wouldn't be to keep practicing. Coach Pete is amazing just with a few words he can make a big impression on anyone. He's Jacob's favorite person. Mona, Jacob's nurse and family friend, and Jacob's mom Lisa DeLong we're telling me that if anyone would call Jacob's house, and the caller ID number would come up "USC" then Jacob would start yelling, "IS IT PETE? I WANT TO TALK TO PETE! LET ME TALK TO PETE." How cute is that?

We all had a blast and cant wait to do it next Tuesday again. I don't think I'm doing anything special. If it wasn't for Susie Cognetta at the SAAS and Jason Pappas at the SAAS and the great staff that Coach has and the players, this never would have happened. That first day, I just gave him the ball and made a small child smile for the day. Yes, I called Susie to see if it would be OK for some players to say HI. But the players are the true heroes. You should all thank them, not me. I just made Jacob smile for a day.

You guys should email Jacob on his Care page. Ask him some questions, and he will reply to you guys. He's my little Trojan Buddy.


Angelica Logan (Angie)

FYI, the Herd will be buying Jacob an authentic USC helmet, and Angelica will get all the USC players to sign it for Jacob. And the Herd does think Angelica is a big hero, and we thank her as well as Coach Pete, the USC football staff, the SAAS staff and the USC football players for continuing to make Jacob have a series of "best days in my life."

Fight on, Jacob and Angie...!! (and Rebecca too)

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