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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Another Jacob DeLong Update

The Herd received an email the other day from Mona Hoffman, Jacob DeLong's nurse. We have followed Jacob's story since it was printed in the Santa Clarita Signal newspaper last month. Jacob is 7 years old and is battling Leukemia. (photo left: Jacob in his Herd hat and STAND AND BE HERD button) He has made some special friends at USC, including Angelica Logan, the USC Bookstore employee who brought Jacob's case to the attention of the USC SAAS, who brought it to the attention of Heritage Hall, etc. In a flash, Jacob was buddies with the USC Football team, and one of Pete Carroll's special guests at Spring practice. We've included some photos of Jacob in his new Thundering Herd hat, and at some USC practices. Hopefully when Jakie receives the USC Helmet that the Herd is buying him, we can get some pictures of him wearing that also. Fight On Jacob, Angelica and Mona.

Dear Thundering Herd,

I just want to Thank All of You from the bottom of my heart. (photo right: Rebecca (Angelica's daughter), Dwayne Jarrett and Jacob) I was up late last night and I read the lastest blog that you guys wrote about Jakie!!! He is going to be sooooooooooooooo thrilled upon receiving that Helmet. You have no idea how cool he thought they were...I promise, that I will get that picture of him with his "Thundering Herd Hat" on today. I am having lunch with him. All you Trojans Rock!!! Jakie was a fan before, but an even bigger one now. Angie asked me not to say a word about it , so that Jakie will be surprised.

MAN , THAT WON'T BE EASY!!! Anyway, Thank you sooooooo, soooooooo, much, I know that his mom would have bought him the helmet, but $$$ is so tight with all his treatments right now. He will be going to the Immune Institute next week for further stuff which is not covered by their insurance. Unfortunately, any kind of cancer now a days is not covered. So please, pass this on to all involved, that the "USC Helmet" will be treasured by Jakie forever. (photo left: Jacob and his Mom) And we hope that he will be around to wear it in college!! Coach Pete, expects him on the team someday!!!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!! YOU'RE ALL JUST THE BEST IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD !!! Your web site is awesome by the way !! Keep up the great work that all of your do...........


Mona Hoffman ( Jakie's buddy, & Nurse friend )

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