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Monday, February 5, 2007

The Skyler Fancher Story (click here for videos)

(February 5, 2007, 9:30am, the Doctor called and said he's received some emails from an USC Coach that USC is out of scholarships and Skyler won't be offered. Too bad, but this is how one of the Herd almost pulled off a big recruiting coup).

February 2, 2007

I received this email from the Doctor on Friday, February 2nd at 12 noon, a day before Skyler Fancher’s name started being bandied about on and WeAreSC. (photo left, the Doctor in action, text messaging Heritage Hall) The Doctor has been on top of this kid from the beginning, and as I wrote on the Herd Forum on Saturday the 3rd after the info had come out on, “The Doctor didn't tell me all this stuff to pimp himself, he was thoroughly excited about his friend's son, Skyler, and the opportunity that he might become a Trojan. But, I can give the Doctor props because the Doctor has been taking videotape of the kid all year and forwarding it onto USC. Apparently, it sat on a certain coach's desk without notice. That coach is now gone. But, the Doctor remained persistent and now Fancher is on USC's radar and maybe they'll make Skyler an offer and maybe he'll switch...

Who knows, maybe he'll stay a Washington commit. Either way I just wanted to share the story about one of our own buddies who is out there pounding the pavement for a family friend and trying to introduce him to the Trojans, and also trying to introduce the Trojans to possibly a great student-athlete.”

This is the email I received from the Doctor on 2/02/07:


Keep this between you and I until it happens later today. The kid I shot recruiting video of all season, the son of my tenant and client since 1990 when the kid was born, Skyler Fancher is going to be a Trojan by this afternoon. I had to use (a former Trojan football star) to get by Lane Kiffin who sat on tons of recruiting video that he was supposed to be looking at.

Skyler played both ways at LT on O and D and never got even tired by the end of the game even though they ran away from him on D and he would chase them hash to opposite sideline on every play. Now, Skyler is 6'7" 300 pounds now and runs a CONSISTENT 4.8 40. He is a BEAST and has all the skills. You would think that he would "lumber", but he has the agility of a guy 5'11". He has an INCREDIBLE work ethic and has made himself the talent he is. I knew this from the first game, having never seen Skyler....ever. I was like seeing a Polamalu.....this guy was a freak. Because he was not at any of the big camps, SC knew nothing of him, but all the Northwestern schools did and chased him until he verballed to UW.

I hauled a$$ through (the former Trojan star) to Pat Ruel and Ruel went crazy with our DVDs.

You can go up to a website I have and play a few videos:

I'll tell you when it happens. Doc

When I forwarded Doc's email to some Herders, Shorty emailed Doc for more info about Skyler and this is the response Doc sent Shorty.


Skyler is a FREAK....when Munoz was on ESPN this morning at the Super Bowl fiasco, (photo right: The Doctor on the rail in cardinal) all I could think was, can Skyler get there. He is 6'7" solid and now, in private training a solid 300 # and is running CONSISTENT AND REPEATED 4.8 40s.....the guy who is training him says that had he had one more year with him he would have him running 4.6 40s that's 0.3 seconds behind Polamalu at 6'7" and 300 #.....can you say "OUCH" ? The FREAK THING is his agility.....he moves like he's 5'11" only took me the first game to know, this kid is SPECIAL.

(The former Trojan star) helped me through the mess that Kiffen left, he left all the recruiting
video on the clearinghouse guy's desk. All the coaches are pissed. They apologized to his Dad, my client since 1990 and tenant since 1993.

We almost lost him to Willingham of all people.


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TrojanRuss said...

Great job, Doc. Too bad it looks like we missed out on him.