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Friday, January 5, 2007

TroBob's Speculative Lineups for 2007, 2008, 2009

Speculative USC Lineups for 2007, 2008, 2009

It really makes it hard to project starting lineups too far into the future because so many of our players could possibly leave after three years. In the old days (pre-Carroll) that job was much simpler. There was usually a talent and experience gap that would help project starting lineups even four years out. It was always fun for me to do. In some cases, I will have two starters where we don't know about all of our recruits this year and who might be leaving early in the future.

I was playing around with this last night

SE - Patrick Turner, JR
LT - Sam Baker, SR
LG - Drew Radovich, SR
C - Jeff Byers, JR OR Kris O'Dowd, FR
RG - Chlo Rachal, JR
RT- Matt Spanos, SR or Butch Lewis, FR
TE - Fred Davis, SR
QB - John David Booty, SR
FB - Allen Bradford, Soph
TB - Chauncey Washington, SR or C.J. Gable/Emmanuel Moody, Sophs ???
FL - Vidal Hazelton, Soph
SLOT 3rd Receiver - Travon Patterson, Soph
SHORT Yardage back - Michael Coleman, Soph or Broderick Green, FR
PK - Mario Danelo, SR

DE - Lawrence Jackson, SR
NT - Sedrick Ellis, SR
DT - Fili Moala, JR or Marvin Austin, FR
DE - Everson Griffen, FR
OLB - Keith Rivers, SR
MLB - Rey Maualuga, JR
OLB - Brian Cushing, JR
CB - Josh Pinkard, JR
CB - Terrell Thomas, SR
SS - Kevin Ellison, JR
FS - Taylor Mays, Soph
Nickel - Cary Harris, JR
P - Greg Woidneck, JR
PR - Desmond Reed, SR
KOR - C.J. Gable, Soph

SE - Patrick Turner, SR
LT - Charles Brown, JR
LG - Jeff Byers, SR (if healthy) OR James Wilson FR/Soph?
C - Kris O'Dowd, Soph
RG - Chilo Rachal, SR
RT - Butch Lewis, Soph
TE - Anthony McCoy, JR
QB - Mark Sanchez, JR
FB - Allen Bradford, JR
TB - Gable, JR/MoodyJR???
FL - Vidal Hazelton, JR
SLOT 3rd WR - Travon Patterson, JR
SHORT Yardage Back - Michael Coleman, JR OR Broderick Green, Soph
PK - David Buehler, SR

DE - Kyle Moore, SR OR Derek Simmons, Soph
NT - Averill Spicer, JR
DT - Fili Moala, SR or Marvin Austin, Soph
DE - Everson Griffen, Soph
OLB - Kaluka Maiava, SR or Chris Gallipo, Soph
MLB - Rey Maualuga, SR or Luthur Brown, JR
OLB - Brian Cushing, SR or Mike Morgan, Soph
CB - Josh Pinkard, SR OR Kevin Thomas, SR
CB - Cary Harris, SR
SS - Kevin Ellison, SR or Pinkard SR
FS - Taylor Mays, JR
Nickel - Pinkard, SR or Mozique McCurtis, SR or Shareece Wright, JR
P - Greg Woidneck, SR
PR - Travon Patterson, JR
KOR - C.J. Gable, JR

SE - David Ausberry, JR
LT - Brown, SR
LG - Wilson, So/Jr
C - O'Dowd, JR
RG - Zach Heberer, JR
RT - Lewis, JR
TE - McCoy, SR
QB - Sanchez, SR or Aaron Corp, Soph
FB - Bradford, Sr or Stanley Havili, JR
TB - Gable, Sr/Moody, Sr/???
FL - Hazelton, SR or Damian Williams, SR
SLOT - Patterson, Sr
SHORT - Coleman, SR OR Green, JR
PK - ???

DE - Simmons, JR
NT - Spicer, SR
DT - Austin, JR OR DaJohn Harris, Soph/JR
DE - Griffen, JR
OLB - Gallipo, JR
MLB - Brown, SR
OLB - Morgan, JR
CB - Shareece Wright, SR
CB - Vincent Joseph, SR
SS - Chad Jones, Soph/JR????
FS - Taylor Mays, SR or Marshall Jones, Soph/JR
Nickel - ??? We need to recruit DBs in spades (I am sure some of our RBs will become DBs as well)
P - ???
PR - Patterson, SR
KOR - Gable, SR and/or Jamere Holland, JR

If you see "or" it means that the player is a speculative verbal commit e.g., Marvin Austin or that the player could possibly leave early for the pros, e.g., Rey Maualuga or Taylor Mays.

If you see an "OR", it means that there could be a battle for the starting position.

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