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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Missing Herder

Have You Seen This Man?
by Mojack

NAME: Yucca, aka Yuckie, The Yuckster, Billy F., Big Willy Fernwood-2night

MISSING: since 1 January 2007 from Pasadena, California, U.S.A (Native of Cuba)

HEIGHT: 6' 01

HAIR: Black with Freddie Mercury Beard

Missing from the Herd: Yucca, aka Willy Fernwood 2ngiht, a native of Havana, Cuba. (photo: Yucca with Denise of Team Beer) In 1993 he rowed a '89 green Yugo from Cuba to Miami and sold medicated dandruff shampoo door to door until he arrived in Los Angeles. A poor man's Tony Montana, Yucca opened up a Churro stand outside of Dodger stadium in the late '90s, and in the baseball offseason, he transferred his love of Churros and his love of Trojan football to outside the Coliseum. On the corner of 39th and Menlo he was adopted by the Herd and in return, the Herd received free Churros.

On January 1st, 2007, outside the godforsaken Rose Bowl in Pasadena, Yucca showed up at the Herd tailgate without his Churro cart. After a few disparaging remarks thrown in his direction by hungry Herders, Yucca stormed off to supposedly tailgate with the Coalition of Assyrian Trojans (C.A.T.). When asked if Yucca had stopped by the Coalition of Assyrian Trojans tailgate, Hazim Petros Shazhani, President of C.A.T. and a walk-on kicker on the USC football practice squad said, "No Yucca, No Peace." Any information about his disappearance should be reported to Fidel Castro or the United States Immigration Department.

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Brooks said...

We want Yuckie back. It's a much better deal than mangos for nukes.