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Friday, January 19, 2007

Missing Herder Sighted

Yucca Update
by Mojack

When this picture was anonymously forwarded to SCKid who forwarded it to Trojan Odyssey who forwarded it to me, I was happy. Someone had seen Yucca. He was okay. And then I started studying the picture. He looked more than okay, he looked...

gid·dy - the definition of giddy is below:

1. affected with vertigo; dizzy.
2. deliriously happy; from a Rose Bowl victory, i.e., with an unexpected offensive outburst.
3. attended with or causing dizziness: a giddy climb.
4. frivolous and lighthearted; impulsive; flighty: a giddy girlie Herder.

If anyone knows Yucca, they know he's never giddy. Never happy. No sense of humor. Never smiles. Pretty dour and down in the dumps kinda guy. Actually pretty depressing to be around (umm, so why do we care that he's missing again?).

I looked back at the picture. What was the cause of Yucca's joy, nay, giddiness? Sark and Kiffen were back, back for good, back to lead USC's offense again. The headline of the paper Yucca was holding, read "Sarkissian-Kiffen Staying at USC. USC Fans Must Accept '07 to be a Lost Season too."

This was the reason that Yucca wore the smile of a Cheshire Cat, that never-ending eternal grin? Impossible. As Wallace Shawn as Vizzini says in The Princess Bride, "Inconceivable!" Yucca constantly stated that Lane Kiffen's only attribute as a coach was being Monte's son, and he reiterated that was the sole reason Pete had hired the Kiffinator. I studied the definition of giddy again. The only explanation which made sense was some form of delirium after the USC Rose Bowl victory.

Then I looked up delirium. Here's what I found:

Confusion may occur in delirium, where the sufferer loses the capacity for clear and coherent thought. This is the Brooksian level of delirium. Or, delirium may be an apparent inability to concentrate or a lack of goal directed thinking. Delirium can lead to disorientation which can be described as the loss of awareness of the surroundings, environment and context in which the person exists, i.e., a Bruin fan being happy that they're Bruin fans. Or disorientation may occur if you suddenly love a football coach that you've shown open disdain for.

So, that's it. Yucca is giddy with delirium. Maybe it was a bad churro that he ate. We hope he's safe, not wandering the outskirts of the Rose Bowl like he's one of the Others on Lost.

We thank SCKid and Trojan Odyssey for forwarding this photo of our misdirected Herder. We hope it helps with our search, and hope that Yucca comes back to the pack soon.

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