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Thursday, January 4, 2007

Happy New Year from SCRed

OK, so I'm several days late. A few thoughts on things:

1. The coaching staff was the biggest difference in the Rose Bowl. I still like SC's overall talent over Michigan's, especially from the perspective of speed, but the coaching staff should be congratulated. Unlike their Michigan counterparts, the SC staff was willing to junk the run and light things up. Thank you Mike DeBord. Would have been hell around here if I had to deal with a Michigan victory.

2. That was sum fun, wasn't it?

3. Michigan's DLine was amazing at getting a push against the OLine's run blocking. Watch your TiVO's folks. On those running plays, the SC offensive line was getting collapsed by Branch, Taylor, Woodley, et. al. That DLine is 100 times better than the mediocre group that the Wolverines brought to the Rose Bowl three years ago.

4. That said, didn't the offensive line still play really well? The pass blocking was excellent. Booty regularly had 5 step drops and had time to throw the ball. And, rolling out the pocket was a great move. Yes, I do wish we would have seen that against the Bruins. So what. In fact, after the game, I said that I really expected Michigan to blitz more often. After looking at the tape, the reality is that Michigan brought at least one guy on a blitz a whole lot of times throughout the game.

5. I don't know which coach (Carroll or Holt or both) was holding back the D this year, and at this point, I don't care. What I do know is that the Rose Bowl performance of the SC defense was awesome. Geez do I love watching an attacking D where SC takes advantage of its quicks.

6. Scott Wolf is a knob. Sorry Jack. Don't care if he's your classmate. He's a really insecure little prick. I saw his grades for SC for the Rose Bowl in Ronny's e-mail. One can be irrational negligently. One can be irrational intentionally. Like so much of his crap over the last couple of years, it falls into the latter. Strictly a cheap trick to try to get folks stirred up. "Hey, look at me!! Don't ignore me!! Just because I've got nothing negative to actually write about doesn't mean I can't try to make people upset so that I can get attention." Can't believe I ever wrote a nasty gram to the dude two years ago. Oh wait. That was TJ. I get those attention-ho's mixed up.

7. The media is also trying to make the story be about how SC lost out on its chance for the national championship, rather than that SC dropped Michigan's trou in a statement game. My guess is that I'm like most of you--5% disappointed and 95% can't get this shit-eating grin off of my face. Or, as I pointed out to little Brucie Feldman, why not compare SC to Texas this year? Both had to rebuild after losing a lot of talent. Who did the best job? Heh, heh. Love that one.

8. Stand tall and be proud Trojans. Notice how I referred to all of you as Trojans? I don't give a crap if any of us graduated from SC or not. Someone can tell Joe that my six year old was jumping up and down yelling "we scored, we scored, we scored" and I didn't slap him with the back of my hand. Instead, I said "yes we did buddy!! Yes we did!!"

9. Feels much better to send my four boys off to school the day after a big bowl victory rather than a big bowl loss. Last year, they caught hell. This year, they said nothing. Just walked around smiling. Not smugly. Just smilin baby. True unadulterated joy. Just like in the years from '67 through the '70s when I was a kid their age. Brought back such good memories.

10. Sounds like you all had a great time at the Rose Bowl. Glad to hear it. Missed all of you.

Take care.


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